G1000c172  You could fly a Skylane for all kinds of rational, cognitive reasons: like an exceptional blend of speed, range, safety, capability, price and cost of ownership. But why not just strap in, fire up all 230 horses and trust your gut instead? You’ll soon realize why the Skylane is the four-passenger aircraft chosen by more pilots as their personal favorite aircraft than any other.Maximum Cruise Speed : 145 ktasMaximum Range : 937 nmTakeoff Distance (S.L., ISA, MTOW) : 1,514 ftGround Roll: 795 ft

Landing Distance (S.L., ISA, MLW) : 1,350 ft

Ground Roll : 590 ft

Maximum Operating Altitude : 18,100 ft

Maximum Climb Rate(Sea Level) : 924 fpm

VNE : 175 kias

Stall Speed : 49 kcas

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