e-cig plane

DOT rule protects air passengers from e-cigarette aerosol

Over the last few years, DOT has issued historic consumer rules…
02/03/2016/by Miami Flight Academy

The Fort Lauderdale Air Show will be hosting the new F-35

The Fort Lauderdale Air Show will be the first civilian show…
01/03/2016/by Miami Flight Academy

The new HondaJet specs

Maximum Cruise Speed @ FL300 420 KTAS
Maximum Cruise…
21/02/2016/by Miami Flight Academy

Virgin Galactic Unveils New SpaceShipTwo ‘Unity’ for Space Tourists

Virgin Galactic rolled the second-ever SpaceShipTwo out of its…
20/02/2016/by Miami Flight Academy

Norwegian Airlines: Paris to Miami only 175 USD !

Norwegian Air is again expanding its U.S. presence, announcing…
20/02/2016/by Miami Flight Academy

MRJ Mitsubishi Regional Jet First Flight

NAGOYA, Japan—After a successful first flight of its regional…
14/11/2015/by Miami Flight Academy

China unveils first Comac C919 passenger aircraft challenging Boeing and Airbus

China on Monday unveiled its first homegrown large passenger…
03/11/2015/by Miami Flight Academy

Fly Safe: Prevent Loss of Control Accidents

The FAA and general aviation (GA) groups’ Fly Safe national…
22/06/2015/by Miami Flight Academy

FAA, EU Plan to Extend, Expand NextGen Pact

The FAA and the European Union today announced their intention…
22/06/2015/by Miami Flight Academy

Aviation community demands action on alcohol to combat increase in ‘air rage’

“In a small metal tube 12,000 metres above the Earth no-one…
13/06/2014/by Miami Flight Academy

Airbus electric aircraft takes to the skies

Imagine taking a peaceful flight, gliding along without much…
13/06/2014/by Miami Flight Academy

Students learn about aviation at local airport field trip

Students gained a behind-the-scenes glimpse at how an airport…
13/06/2014/by Miami Flight Academy
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